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fin del aviso

19 de noviembre de 2012

roken ridge (interactivo)

roken ridge

Nota: Para no sobrecargar la conexión se ha colocado cada poema en una entrada independiente.

rofessor utter's ook, echanics achine,
inds eath aint, ay ife,
udden, omentum ife,
raser oul, ad he way,
omentum ut,
aughter aster, hip ark,
erfect n ystery, alm e ife,
repare ook esets,
t rofessor oul ay,
ortrait un orms.

ield uffer ree n
ity o ature
hy ate
ind oft utter
uck creams
ity ights
eat uck ff
chool aint ater
luff n ake
ield ut iction
ew ody ed
lay ield
ream tations
hip's at nds.

ee amages, ome emory
ot rees wimming
loves aces, ast ny t ood
riends rasen asters
kull erfect, ermaid lease
anger or rains
ike ands, oof ravel
hy oy, oney
eware ree, eons aint
ole uns ox
ar ot efusings.

4 (interactivo)
n oman, aterial inging,
chool's raser, lay n anvas,
ou art, oman t,
ature esets, arrior uns,
udden t hinks, hadows all,
resent f nnoys, ed,
ody ouch oots, ad he reams,
anger ield ike, kin eeling nimal,
resent ight eaning, gain way,
omentum angents.

5 (interactivo)
ands rime as m gain
shes ever onely
ast nder ad aw ays
roblems alking ot
hy trangled inner lues
ust ay ark earing ain
ou now
ook s he oot
ot t nowing oys
linded n ands
utter reams
echanic ature's
hings nes.

6 (interactivo)
cean oney, emory imic,
ike alls, lastic lues,
gain oof, etter ell,
inner octor, n he each,
orst top raser,
ire ucks, resent orst,
ysteries luffs,
ay efusing roblems,
ark etter ortraits,
t nder loves, arrior arning,
weet o ins,
ou paces.

7 (interactivo)
gnore oof, gnore
oft inging ime
ell low ssences
inging angent
etter ravels ar way
n oy hip oys
nake oman lays nd aits, ou
aster sh un
eath alls, arn resents
eep f eeps, aked own
tyled s now, ure nd ool
hining n lue, inding he ater
alk oot ox,
ater hy ope.

8 (interactivo)
low ody, eat nd nnoyed
exy aby ude, ig its, uffy ipples
ulva ide pen, agina et nd ubric
kin laming n ire, nimal ut addening
ddiction vil resent
enis pright nd rect, urning
irty ind orks, gain nd gain
oft emory atures, ike anvas
ink arden f lesh, ountains f ust
ingers icking, issing ubic's air
ussy ot
esire ighting, amage reaking
igh eaching, ips creaming
uck's inish
ood t leasures, ull f ossessions
ool ith he empting ords
ad ff imits
uch ate r ightmare.

9 (interactivo)
oof own
utter ox
omit here
oney ermaid
chool's omen
hosen hings
uch ream
ever ox
weet ay ut
lastic hadow
irgin oming
indow imic
irror's oke
loves amages
ust ields
ity's tations
he erfect
roblem resent
wimming ins.

10 (interactivo)
ellcome, o he and f he un,
erfection s iction,
ut our ife o leep, ater e one,
lind ike orm,
our ace s oke, icture aints oul,
obody ants ircus,
he ore ou ry, he ore ou ail,
ll s ell,
rick r reat, rue r alse,
lue s he anger,
ild lowns ill ill he ain,
etter oing han elting,
ine ob n ark achine
urt he reeps.

11 (interactivo)
ho re ou?
rain ails, ky aits
hey ook nd py
eal, etal, esert
urn our yes
y he ream eas
hip n oute
eak o ark
weet r alm
here gnore
eave he aps
ings ly igh
n he ind
lease t ore
lay ast hinks
ight rings
ake our ill
low he luffs
wim nd eep
anger s ff
iny, airy, army
ife s ove
ee rees oying
ature lowing
using lances
unnies rimming

12 (interactivo)
nd he ay o n,
atch ut, uffer uck loves,
anvas rows, earl ades,
ystery ppeals gain,
rawing he idden, ailing eanings,
ew arns ot ery anted,
ver ever,
orry p, emory s own,
ny hance o ree,
lind roblems, ear gly ggs,
uto aption, ood y he uses,
hings limb, uns ights.

13 (interactivo)
ity he ool!
ho opy aglines
ummy lings and
ar way, ows nimal
hinking un, oft echanic
essiah inest, emon ouls
leep n ed, agma ire oves
oman eep ortraits, ox rime
tyling oofs utter all, eeps here
now terilize, ea ore ranes, ending
erfect gain, aughters low nitium
obbers lans.